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Parent/Guardian/Student Terms and Conditions for Home Use of Technology EquipmentTop of Page

District 13 is providing Coginchaug students with a Chromebook laptop as part of their educational program. This equipment represents a significant investment and it is import that we work together to safeguard this investment. Accordingly we require that you agree to the following terms and conditions by signing the acknowledgement form that you have been provided or that you can download below.

By signing the form you:

  • Acknowledge and comply with the Regional School District Acceptable Use Policy (Click to View)
  • Assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the equipment listed and assume responsibility for the cost of replacement or repair, should the equipment be damaged or lost while in the care of the student. The Chromebooks provided to students during the 2017-2018 school year are valued at $260.

Please review the following guidelines with your child. Although these guidelines should help clarify for the student his/her responsibilities, they do not replace the actual AUP.

  • I understand that this equipment is for school related activities only. It is not for personal use.
  • I understand that I will exercise reasonable care to protect this equipment from damage or loss.
  • I understand that I cannot install any software on a school laptop. In the event that software is installed, the laptop will be re-imaged and all files may be lost.
  • I understand that this equipment is the property of Regional School District 13 and that the school district retains control and supervisions of the equipment listed on the reverse side.
  • The equipment will be returned to the Regional School District 13 at a date to be determined by the Director of Technology.
 The Chromebook Optional Protection Program sign-up form is available through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Chromebook Optional Protection Program Terms and Conditions

As with any school issued equipment (textbooks, sports uniforms, library books) students are expected to take good care of the Chromebooks and take reasonable precautions against loss, theft, or damage. Should the device be lost, stolen or damaged he or she is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. The full cost of replacement is $260.00.

Optional protection is available for a premium of $40.00. That premium entitles you to one free repair. All subsequent repairs, lost chargers and lost Chromebooks will incur additional fees (see form for further details and exceptions). The total combined benefit for the 2017-2018 school year may not exceed the replacement cost of one device or $260. (For example, if a device is lost, coverage is not transferable to the replacement device.) Purchased coverage will be in place through the end of the 2017-2018 school year.