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Tribute to Toni Morrison
Bad-@ss Women

Monthly Book Trailer Competition

Read a book from one of the library's displays (the ladder, the pool steps, the Throne of Books, the Paperback Rack) and make a book trailer promoting it. Your trailer should be no more than 2 minutes long; it should include the author, title, a quick summary of the story and major characters, and  your thoughts on the book. Upload your trailer to YouTube, then send the link to me. A winner will be chose at random from all entries for the month
September's Prize
A double helping of the late Anthony Bourdain.
September Contest Prize

Name the LionsTop of Page

Name the Lions!
Lions and libraries go together like feta and olives. The lions who guard the NY Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude. Or maybe you remember the PBS show Between The Lions. Well, now we have two lions guarding our library. But they need names! Submit your ideas to your DeepVoicedLibrarian before October 31. 
Prizes go to the top three entries.