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How can I WATCH from HOME / LIVE-STREAM a sporting event at Coginchaug this Winter?

February 15, 2021
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Pandemic, the Shoreline Athletic Conference Spectator policy, and the CRHS Spectator Policy, spectators will not be permitted to attend any live sporting event in our gymnasium this winter.  Therefore, family members, fans, and students will not be unable to watch our fantastic student athletes this season in person.    
While dissappointed to not be having spectatros this winter season, I am excited to share a new venture that Region 13 has begun.  We have partnered with the NFHS Network to be able to Live stream CRHS sporting events for the next 5 years.  In addition, the district has purchased a licensure fee through June of 2021.  We have purchased and installed two high technology pixallot cameras on our campus.  The first was installed in our gymnasium and the second was installed on our turf field.  This will permit us to live stream a variety of different sporting events ower the next few years. 
Option 1:  This is for the free access for home regular season games. Please go to and carefully follow the directions below to create the free account.  Please note this is for HOME regular season games only.   
Here is how to create a free account:
  • Go to your school page (please search for Coginchaug)
  • Click “FOLLOW” towards the top right of the page.
  • Click “Sign up for Free!”
  • Create your account by entering in your first name, last name, email address, and password. 
  • Click “Continue”.
Option 2:  Good for ALL GAMES broadcasted on NFHS Network.  This includes all of our postseason games and away games to schools that are using the NFHS Network to live stream their events.  Please Go to the same and create a new account.  This will include completing the subscription account and it will ask you for payment information.  It is a monthly fee of approximately $11.00 per month.  You can cancel at any time and I would suggest doing so right after basketball season ends.  It's easy to forget until you get charged for that third month. 
The Subscription plan of approximately $11 a month, is a national network. This plan also allows you to view any other school's live streamed games in Connecticut or even across the country.  There are many schools that have subscribed to this new technology and it is a neat way to view friends, cousins, and grandkids around CT and the county.  Please check with them first to make sure their school is using the NFHS Network before subscribing.   You can subscribe to the subscription plan at any time at your convenience if you are interested.  This plan would allow you to not only view all HOME games (just as the free account) but will also allow you to view all postseason and AWAY games for schools that also have the NFHS Network.  Viewing away games is not an option on the free account.  I have listed those schools below.
  • Schools in the Shoreline that are using NFHS Network - Coginchaug, Cromwell, Morgan, Old Lyme, & Portland.  All of these schools are in the process of having the cameras installed / generating broadcasts.    
  • The other schools have chosen to use different platforms to livestream their indoor events.  Here is the website where they can be found:
Please feel free to relay this information to your friends and families. While we hope to be able to resume spectators next season, this technology will still be at Coginchaug for the next few years.  We have also installed a camera on the turf field - so other events will be coming in the near future - just have to clear off the "blanket of white" first!We are currerntly working with the NFHS Network to provide us instructions on how our families can access a free account in order to view all HOME basketball games at CRHS.  This type of free account which the district has purchased will only view home games, as the account is set up directly to individual cameras.
Coginchaug Athletics has used Facebook Live in the fall to stream as many games as we could at this time. UNfortuantely, we are not permitted to livestream via that platform due to contractural rights, however you can still go there to find information.  Please go to our page @CoginchaugHSAthletics to find our upcoming livestream events!
We are doing our very best to permit the student athletes the ability to compete in contests that they have worked very hard to get to this point.  We understand the disappointment this may bring to many, however the priority of Coginchaug Regional High School and the Shoreline Conference is to provide meaningful athletic experiences to our student athletes in the safest way possible.  
We appreciate your understanding in advance.  We sincerely look forward to the day that our gymnasium can be scattered with parents and spectators cheering on the athletes of Coginchaug Regional High School!
Go Blue Devils!
Todd Petronio
Athletic Director