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How can I ATTEND a sporting event at Coginchaug this fall?

October 2020,
Outdoor sporting events (regular season).   Each student athlete has been issued
two spectator passes that can be used at HOME events only.  In accordance
with the Shoreline Conference Spectator policy, NO visiting spectators will be
permitted to attend any Shoreline Conference games.  All rostered players for
the game / race should complete the appropriate Google form for Pre-registered
HOME spectators ONLY. 
Please fill out this form prior to 1PM on ALL game days.
We will close the form at approximately 1PM in order to print out your responses
to have at the check-in gate.  Due to limited seating capacity, only rostered players
for that game will be allowed entrance.
Indoor Sporting Events:  Unfortunately, due to safety regulations and the Shoreline
Conference Spectator Policy, no indoor spectators will be permitted at any indoor
sporting event this fall. 
Google Forms will be back up after the game and available to fill out up until 1PM
of the next home game. Please do your part to fill these out in a timely manner so
you can enjoy watching your kids play!
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Cross Country
Thank you for your cooperation
The Coginchaug Athletic Department

How can I WATCH from HOME / LIVE-STREAM a sporting event at Coginchaug this fall?

October 1, 2020
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Pandemic and the Shoreline Athletic Conference Spectator policy, many family members, fans, and students will be unable to watch our fantastic fall student athletes this season.  There are even many parents of indoor sports that are unable at this time to watch in person their child play their sport.  
In lieu of these obstacles, we have set up an attempt to Live stream as many of the game as we can.  We have created two different avenues to do this.  Coginchaug Athletics is using Facebook Live to stream as many games as we can at this time. Please go to our page @CoginchaugHSAthletics to find our upcoming livestream events!
We also created a YouTube page as an alternative option for livestreaming. We need to reach 1,000 subscribers in order to access the "live from mobile device" feature that youtube offers so please keep sharing this page and subscribing! In the meantime we are working on uploading our Facebook Livestream events to our YouTube page so that they all can be found easily on one channel.
We are doing our very best to permit the student athletes the ability to compete in contests that they have worked very hard to get to this point.  We understand the disappointment this may bring to many, however the priority of Coginchaug Regional High School and the Shoreline Conference is to provide meaningful athletic experiences to our student athletes in the safest way possible.  
We appreciate your understanding in advance.  We sincerely look forward to the day that our gymnasiums and athletic fields can be scattered with parents and spectators cheering on the athletes of Coginchaug Regional High School!
Go Blue Devils!
Todd Petronio
Athletic Director