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The Coginchaug Regional High School faculty are always looking for ways to enhance our curriculum, enrich student experiences, and provide students with opportunities to learn and grow with the support of our community.  In our commitment to helping students prepare for post-high school success, we understand the importance of our local and global communities.

This past school year, we created a senior learning experience with a career center component.  This initiative is designed to provide students with real-world experiences in identified areas of career interest by working in partnership with local businesses, industries, schools, medical facilities, government, and other community and service organizations. This educational opportunity assists students in defining their focus for post secondary education and employment by affording them authentic learning and work opportunities.

This year, we are working with a representative from ACES International in an effort to create a global partnership with a school in Ningbo, China.  It is our hope that this partnership will assist in fostering authentic cultural, educational and societal learning opportunities for our students. Our goal is to provide students with an international travel experience in which they will be immersed in the Ningbo community.  Additionally, as part of this partnership, we would like to host students from Ningbo so that they can share in a similar learning experience.

After Thanksgiving, we will begin the earliest stages of this dynamic educational opportunity.  A team of Regional School District 13 personnel will travel to Ningbo, China. While in China, we will create an agreement between our two communities which will begin a student and faculty international exchange program.

This global initiative will create numerous opportunities for our students in the future.  Further information will be provided with regard to our global partnership throughout the school year.

Brian Falcone