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The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to over 800 colleges and universities. 
Advantage: Students can complete one application but can use it for multiple colleges. Therefore, filling out the Common Application should save students time, energy, and effort. 
College's Own Application  Each College should have its own application. Generally, these are available on the Apply Disc; on the Internet; or can be sent to your home directly. 
Advantage: Some schools, in particular state schools, accept only their own application.
Early Decision Or Early Action Applicants If you are considering applying Early Decision or Early Action to a college and have not spoken to your counselor, you MUST see him/her as soon as possible.
Student Profile Forms/Resume  Please complete the Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire as part of the college application process. Be as detailed as possible. This form is extremely important in helping your counselor write your letter of recommendation. You will find it under the Plan tab in Naviance.