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The College Application Process


Scholarships are available on NAVIANCE. Please log into Naviance and click on Scholarships.

Checklist for College Bound Seniors

  • If necessary, see your counselor for a final college search.
  • Plan college visits and interviews and attend College Information Sessions in the CRHS Guidance Office. Parents are invited to attend any college presentation. The dates for college representative visits are available via daily announcements and through Naviance Family Connection under the College tab. If you will be visiting a post-secondary institution, you must complete a post-secondary visit form (pdf) and submit it three school days ahead of a visit to be an authorized absence. Students must bring back authorization of their visit. You are allowed three college visit days.
  • Please also check the bulletin boards outside of the Guidance Office for college "Open Houses" and local college fairs.
  • Register for the SAT
  • Finalize college list (schools from less selective to most selective).
  • Begin filling out applications and working on your essays.
    • College application deadlines for both early and regular admission!
    • Tests and academic criteria required for admission!
  • Ask teachers for recommendations.
    • Need 2 recommendations for most schools.
    • Should get recommendations from senior year or junior year teachers.
    • Need to give teachers a recommendation form and stamped self-addressed envelope for each school that requires applications to be mailed.
  • - Give teachers enough time (at least two weeks) because they will be writing recommendations for many students.
    - Follow up with a thank-you note to the teachers who wrote recommendations for you!
  • Students must complete a "Transcript Request" form for each school no less than 3 weeks prior to their application deadlines. Please note: The Guidance Department must have a "Records Release Form" (received by the student at the senior meeting OR can be downloaded) signed by the parents before any transcripts may be sent. The Guidance Department will send out the high school transcript, senior year report cards, secondary school report, and school profile.
  • Complete applications. Student responsibilities include mailing the completed application and fees.
  • Take SAT I and SAT II's if required or ACT.
  • Any student planning on playing Division I or Division II sports in college needs to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse online at
  • Study hard! Colleges look very seriously at your first and second marking period grades when considering your acceptance.