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In the library is a display spotlighting authors during their birth month. To that end, here are a few recitations of pieces by those authors.

WH Auden - Musee des Beaux Arts (2/21)

Carl Sandburg - Chicago (1/6)

Horace (12/8) Odes I.xi

Emily Dickinson (12/10) Since I Could Not Stop for Death

Anne Sexton (11/9): Self in 1958

Robert Pinsky (10/20): Shirt

William Carlos Williams (9/17): To a Poor Old Woman

Langston Hughes - Let America Be America Again (2/1)

Robert Burn - To a Mouse 1/25

Rudyard Kipling (12/30) The Elephant's Child

Neil Gaiman (11/10): The Price

ee cummings (10/14): i carry your heart

TS Eliot (9/26): The Hollow Men