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Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Coginchaug English Department requires that all students complete a summer learning assignment. Teachers have shared the CRHS summer learning requirements with their students prior to finishing the 2020-21 school year. Additionally, all summer learning assignments, as described below, can be found on the district’s Summer Learning page.  

Students entering UConn English 12 or AP Language and Composition 11 were given their course-specific assignments through a new Google Classroom page and were required to see the teacher to get materials. The incoming senior class (the current junior class) is asked to do a series of college essay assignments and produce a rough draft of their essay, which will be revised at the beginning of their senior year, in all English classes. The incoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are to complete a summer reading assignment called REHUGOS, outlined below. 

All incoming freshman, sophomore, and junior English students are to complete the summer reading assignment: REHUGOS. While reading a novel is one of the options of the REHUGOS assignment, this creative analysis gives students the opportunity to explore their world and “read” their experiences. The following are options for their summer reading selections and are detailed on the assignments accessible through the RSD 13 Summer Learning page website.
R - Reading
E - Entertainment
H - History
U - Universal Understanding
G - Government & Current Events
O - Observation
S - Sports
Students will explore three of these areas and complete their REHUGOS activities by the first week of school. Please also be aware that the documents for the summer learning are only available through the students’ rsd13 email addresses. Requests for access from out-of-school email addresses will not be granted. 
Thank you, 
CRHS English Department
Mrs. Michelle McClintick
English Department Chair
Coginchaug Regional High School

Course Description

  • Four credits of English are required for graduation.
  • Students must take a full credit of English during each of their four years.
  • All courses emphasize reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and thinking.
  • All courses follow a college preparatory curriculum.