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Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope that everyone has had a positive transition to the 2017-2018 school year.  I am writing to remind parents about the myriad ways to get involved in your child’s education and to provide you with information about upcoming events at Coginchaug over the next three months.

In high school, finding ways to get involved in your child’s education can be difficult.  At Coginchaug, we have numerous avenues to help parents track academic performance and plan for upcoming school sponsored activities.  PowerSchool is an on-line tool which provides an accurate assessment of your child’s learning.  The PowerSchool program offers parents the opportunity to review their child’s schedule, grades and attendance from any computer that has internet accessibility.  Additionally, we utilize email, our school website, Facebook and Twitter to provide parents daily updates about school.  This information includes morning announcements, school activities, athletic contests, fine and performing arts shows and other exciting events happening at Coginchaug.

Over the next three months, we have a number of activities planned for your child. Please encourage your student to be an active participant in his or her education. These include:

  • ·         October 11th PSATs
  • ·         October 16th-20th  Homecoming Week
  • ·         October 21st Homecoming Dance
  • ·         November 15th-18th Senior Class Trip to Washington DC
  • ·         November 29th-30th Parent Conferences
  • ·         December 2nd Community Round-up
  • ·         Various Musical and Sporting Events

I hope to see you and your children at as many of these upcoming events as possible.  If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, then please call the main office at (860) 349-7215.



Brian Falcone             


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CRHS's Core Values, Beliefs, and Expectations

Coginchaug Regional High School Mission Statement
(Revised October 2014)

Coginchaug Regional High School engages and supports students in rigorous learning experiences. We expect our students to thrive in and improve upon their local and global communities.

Student Learning Expectations
(Revised October 2014)

The Coginchaug Regional High School graduate will:

1. Access and process information effectively.

2. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate.

3. Communicate clearly and effectively.

4. Work collaboratively.

5. Practice the District Core Ethical Values.

Please click on link to access Student Learning Expectation Rubics

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