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  • Each grade is enrolled in health class for one quarter of the year. Grade 9 students take health in quarter 1, grade 10 students in quarter 2, grade 12 students in quarter 3, and grade 11 students in quarter 4.
  • In addition to the course content, juniors and seniors are required to complete a minimum of 7 hours of community service.
  • Physical Education provides a variety of individual and team activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Emphasis placed on enabling students to become proficient in a variety of core activities.
  • Courses in the PE Department teach students the importance of incorporating activity into their daily lives.
  • Students are required to take a total of 2 credits in physical education during their four years. Students will be enrolled in their required 1-quarter class (.25 credit per class) for each of their 4 years at Coginchaug as well as one elective per year. They may choose to earn the remaining credit by fully participating in a variety of varsity and junior varsity sports (.5 credit per sport season)
  • Students may also earn remaining credit by petitioning the Superintendent of schools to accept an activity that is supervised by an outside coach/instructor.
  •  Exceptions to this program are only to be made for medical reasons backed by a Physician’s explanation.