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•The mathematics curriculum provides a variety of courses designed to meet the needs for mathematical competency in both academic and vocational careers.

• All ninth-grade students are required to take mathematics and are placed in math courses appropriate to their ability.

•While three credits of mathematics are required for graduation, Coginchaug highly recommends that students take four years of mathematics. The State University system requires four credits of mathematics for admission.

•It is possible to earn more than four credits of mathematics at Coginchaug. One way this can be accomplished is to take both Geometry and Algebra 2 concurrently. Any course load of this nature must be approved by Guidance and the department.

•Courses in Applied Math and Pre-Algebra are designed for the student who needs a review of math skills before taking Algebra.

•Depending on the progress of the student, movement from one level to another is possible. The guidance counselor and the department must agree on these decisions.

•It is highly recommended that students purchase a graphing calculator. The school suggests a TI-84 or TI 84 Plus that can be purchased at local stores.

               *To remain in the Honors Level, students must earn a final grade of 80 or higher.*

               *To remain in the CPA Level, students must earn a final grade of 70 or higher.*