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Honor Society Induction
18 October 2021

The World Language Department offers five years of study in each of three languages: French, Latin and Spanish. Students will explore world cultures through the target language. Acquisition of grammar and vocabulary will help students develop proficiency.

  • Students who study a world language at Coginchaug will experience culture through foods, music, art, literature, guest speakers and field trips.
  • To advance to the next level of a language, a student must earn both a C- or better in the previous course and the recommendation of the teacher.
  • From the middle school program, some students may benefit from enrolling in the Level 1 program of the same language to improve their language proficiency.
  • Students are encouraged to take more than one world language concurrently.
  • College-bound students should take a minimum of three high school years of the same language.
  • Students are only able to switch or add languages during course selection periods.
  • Course levels are determined by teacher recommendation, based on skill assessments and classroom performance.