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DIG PINK - Breast Cancer Awareness Fundrasing Game

October 20, 2021 - 

Parents, Students, and the Region 13 Athletic Community -

Good evening - I hope we have all enjoyed the “summer-like” temperatures these last few weeks.  We have completed most of the volleyball season already - WOW it goes by so fast!  Late October means more than just the leaves turning - CRHS is excited about our upcoming DIG PINK game on Thursday October 21st at 6:30pm and look forward to welcoming back Durham and Middlefield Volleyball fans.  Two years ago was an amazing event and we were so fortunate to share that evening with another local community that cared as much about DIG PINK as we do here in Durham and Middlefield.  The JV game will begin at 5:00pm.  These are NEW time changes.  We made this recent change to ensure that North Branford is able to get transportation.  Busing has been a real challenge this year.  

We will be welcoming spectators at Thursday’s PINK game, however this does come with some limitations. These limitations and restrictions have been in place all season long, so hopefully it will not impact the game much, but I wanted to send out notification and reminders in case.  We do have a seating capacity limit at the volleyball game, which is the same as we have had all year.  We will have all four bleacher sections pulled out which will allow for more spectators to be present.  For this reason, we encourage people planning to attend to arrive early to ensure they will be permitted into the gymnasium.  If we reach the seating capacity at any point, we may be forced to close the doors to further spectators.  We apologize in advance for this possibility, however we are trying to ensure the safety of all the spectators present.  

If anyone is hesitant to attend but would like to still watch, we do have a live-streaming option.  Please see the end of the letter for more information on live streaming.

INDOOR Sport SpectatorsReminders from the letter we sent out in early September...

  • Spectators, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask at all times upon entering CRHS for any indoor sporting event.  
  • While we are welcoming spectators without pre registration at this time, there is a capacity limit of home and visiting spectators at CRHS.  We strongly advise you to arrive early to games.  
  • We ask that you follow the designated HOME and VISITOR Seating sections.  This will assist us in adhering to our seating capacity.
  • Spectators for JV games will be asked to exit the gymnasium at the conclusion of the JV game and exit directly outdoors through side gym exits.  Varsity game spectators will then enter through the gym lobby and come into the gym once spectators have been cleared of the JV game.  We welcome JV to re-enter and support the varsity team, however we will need to have an accurate count of spectators.
  • Absolutely NO FOOD or DRINKS will be permitted inside the gymnasium at this time.  Designated outdoor areas have been established.
  • (NEW) As this is a fundraising game, the donations at the concessions are a significant source of fundraising monies.  We ask that you purchase them at any time throughout the game, but please consume them in the designated eating / drinking outdoor courtyard areas.  
  • Social Distancing is recommended at all times while at a CRHS sporting event. 
  • Indoor Spectators are welcome at all Shoreline Athletic Conference games / events this Fall at this time.

Come out, Enjoy the Match, and CHEER positively for our PINK CRHS and North Branford student athletes!

LIVE-STREAMING Viewing Options: This was sent out previously, please refer in case live streaming is your preferred option.

As a reminder if you cannot come to Thursday’s game, Region 13 will continue to broadcast the PINK Volleyball Game in Maynard Stender Gymnasium on the NFHS Network.  This subscription viewing option is great for parents / family members that cannot get to the game due to long distance or work.  Below is a reminder how to access the subscription account. 

This subscription account is good for ALL GAMES broadcasted on NFHS Network, not just Coginchaug games.  This includes all of our postseason games and away games to schools that are using the NFHS Network to live stream their events.  Please Go to the same and create a new account.  This will include completing the subscription account and it will ask you for payment information.  It is a monthly fee of approximately $11.00 per month.  You can cancel at any time and I would suggest doing so right after the said sport season ends.  It's easy to forget until you get charged for that third month. 
The Subscription plan of approx $11 a month, is a national network. This plan also allows you to view any other school's live streamed games in Connecticut or even across the country.  Please feel free to relay this information to your friends and families.  Please be aware that each subscription account is individual to the user and you can only view on one device at a time.  
I’m hopeful we can permit as many people as our seating capacity allows, but regardless I’m sure it will be a fantastically Pink night!  
Go PINK Blue Devils!


Todd Petronio
Athletic Director