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How can I WATCH from HOME / LIVE-STREAM a sporting event at Coginchaug?

November 2023
Interested in viewing the Coginchaug Football CIAC Quarterfinal game this evening, but cannot make the game in person? Please see the option below.
Please see below for instructions on how to view a live streamed sporting event on the NFHS Network.  All CIAC Postseason Quarterfinal games and higher are officially licensed to broadcast the game on the NFHS Network.  The CIAC Football game this evening will also be broadcasted on the NFHS Network.  You can search for it under the NFHS Coginchaug feeds, even though the host site has scheduled the game.  
If you currently have a NFHS subscription, then you will be able to view the game.  If you do not, please see below on how to consider subscribing to be able to view the game via the live stream option.  
If you cannot get to the game, but are interested in viewing the game from home, I would like to remind you that many districts have implemented live streaming options such as RSD13.  We are still partnered with the NFHS Network to be able to Live stream CRHS sporting events for a 5 year time period. 
Subscription Option:  Good for ALL GAMES broadcasted on NFHS Network.  This includes all of our postseason games and away games to schools that are using the NFHS Network to live stream their events.  Please Go to the same and create a new account.  This will include completing the subscription account and it will ask you for payment information.  It is a monthly fee of approximately $11.00 per month.  You can cancel at any time and I would suggest doing so right after your child's sport season ends.  You can always sign up again the following season.  It's easy to forget until you get charged for that additional month. 
The Subscription plan of approximately $11 a month, is a national network. This plan also allows you to view any other school's live streamed games in Connecticut or even across the country.  There are many schools that have subscribed to this new technology and it is a neat way to view friends, cousins, and grandkids around CT and the county.  Please check with them first to make sure their school is using the NFHS Network before subscribing.   You can subscribe to the subscription plan at any time at your convenience if you are interested. This plan would allow you to not only view all HOME games but will also allow you to view all postseason and AWAY games for schools that also have the NFHS Network.  I have listed those schools below.
  • Schools in the Shoreline that are using NFHS Network - Coginchaug, Cromwell, Morgan, Old Lyme, & Portland.  All of these schools are generating broadcasts.    
  • The other schools have chosen to use different platforms to livestream their events.  
  • All CIAC Postseason Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final rounds of playoff games
  • Here is the Shoreline Conference website where they can be found: 
Go Blue Devils!
Todd Petronio
Athletic Director