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What to do if I need to bring home my child from a Game / Contest?

What to do if I need to bring home my child from a Game / Contest?

March 2024
Please use this Spring Google request form in the event something arises that you must bring your child HOME from an athletic event.  These requests should be limited to circumstances that are unavoidable and not regular. 
Please note, your Student-Athlete CANNOT drive themselves TO nor FROM an Athletic event for any reason.  
All requests SHOULD be submitted 24 hours in advance of the Athletic Event in order to properly coordinate efforts with the coaching staff.  Most reasons for needing to transport your child home from an event is pre-planned and can scheduled.  However, unexpected events do occasionally occur.  All requests MUST be submitted no later than 12PM the day of the event in order to safely coordinate transportation for your child.  You will receive email confirmation by the conclusion of the school day on the day of the event indicating if the request has been approved.
Todd Petronio
Transportation Request Form

Transportation Request Form

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Fall Athletic Transportation Form
Winter Athletic Transportation Form