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Freshman Resources
Welcome to Coginchaug!  We in the school counseling office are excited to get to know each of you.  There are several things you should keep in mind over the course of your freshman year at Coginchaug.
  • Get to know your guidance counselor.  We are here to answer any questions you might have about high school and to help you reach your goals.  Stop by to say hello and schedule an appointment to meet with your counselor.
  • Check the guidance website and your class page periodically.
  • Set up a Naviance account and get used to checking your school e-mail regularly to stay updated on school information and events.
  • Time management is crucial in high school. You’ll have more homework and more activities to balance- get organized!
  • Stay on top of your homework and see your teachers for extra help. They are happy to schedule a time to meet with you during your free blocks and/or after school.
  • Use your free time wisely- go to the library to get a head start on your homework or meet with your teachers for extra help.
  • Get to know your teachers! They want you to be successful in high school.
  • Set short and long term goals. Discuss your goals with your parents and/or your guidance counselor.
  • Get your summer reading completed- work on your note-taking skills while you read.
  • Learn about the clubs and activities offered at CRHS. Get involved! Play a sport, join a club, and do the things you love best! Be an active participant in the Coginchaug community