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Naviance is a program used to assist students in future planning.  Each student has a personal account on Family Connection that stores demographics, testing information, personal interests, and college information.  Parents also have access to view their child's account and will receive registration codes when their child activates their account.  Please visit the link below to access Family Connection by Naviance.  If you have any questions regarding this program please contact the Guidance Office at 860-349-7221.

Students can research colleges, scholarships, careers, enrichment programs, and courses in one location. They can also create individual plans that can be linked to college and career readiness. Students can communicate easily with teachers and counselors. For college and career readiness, students can request transcripts and recommendations for college applications as well as complete career assessments and perform college and career searches. Students can also create goals and track associated tasks and activities.
Resume Builder:  Students can build his/her resume in Family Connection. He or she should review and revise the resume from year-to-year as accomplishments, interests, and activities change.