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Working Papers or Statement of Age Information for Students and Employers

Information stated here was taken from the Working Papers Manual, State Dept. of Ed. 2010.

The Certificate of Age Form ED-301, also called "working papers," a certificate of age or the employment certificate, has been printed in accordance with the Connecticut statutes and regulations relating to the employment of minors and the policies set forth by the State Board of Education for issuing such certificate. The Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education has been designated as the agent for distributing these certificates to the superintendents of schools of local and regional boards of education or an agent designated by such superintendent. Requests for further information relating to these certificates for minors may be directed to the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education, Attention: Working Papers, 25 Industrial
Park Road, Middletown, CT 06457, 860-807-2102.
Instructions to Students     

In order for a school secretary to issue working papers to a student, the student is required to come in person to the front office of Coginchaug with:

  • their promise of employment (see below)
  • and proof of age (i.e. birth certificate, driver license, driver license permit, passport) in order for a school secretary to issue working papers

Sample Promise of Employment Letter

Note: This is a sample letter for an employer to give to a student being promised employment.

Promise of Employment   (Sample)
Upon receipt of a Certificate of Age Form ED-301 from the Connecticut State Board of
Education, I promise to employ __________________________ for the following job:
List specific job duties:
This employment will have the starting rate of $___________ per hour for a work week of
_____________ hours.
Minors who are 14 years old may only work on Saturdays as caddies or in a pro shop at a
municipal or private golf course, and minors who are 15 years old may only work on
Saturdays in retail food stores and on non-school weeks in any mercantile establishments
(Sec. 31-23 (b) (1)).
Name: ___________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________
(Authorized Firm/Company Official)
Date: __________________________________________
Name of Firm/Agency: _____________________________