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The Context

Each and every one of us is SO ready for a post-COVID world.
  • We're frustrated by remote learning.
  • We're sick of wearing a mask.
  • We're stressed by quarantine.
  • I've put on 30 pounds.
And yet...
The situation is so much graver than inconveniences. Connecticut has lost almost 8,000 people to COVID. That's 8,000 families grieving, 8,000 stories cut short. 
As we line of up for vaccinations and look forward to the easing of restrictions, we should pause and consider those who are not here to appreciate “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Project

The Coginchaug Art Department, in collaboration with the library, is proposing the creation of a COVID-19 Memorial, to be housed in our LMC
We were inspired by past visual representations of loss such as the Vietnam Memorial and the AIDS quilt.
  • The COVID Mosaic will be a mural in mosaic style, with each tile representing one CT resident who has succumbed to the virus.
  • Tiles will be 2x2" squares of paper.
  • The mosaic will be district-wide, with contributions from elementary, middle and high school students, faculty and staff.
  • To reach the 8,000 (and growing), we need each student in the district to generate 8-10 tiles.
  • Use the medium of your choice: paint, ink, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, collage, etc.
  • No letters, numbers, names, logos, etc. We’re looking for non-representational tiles only.
  • All tiles should be school-appropriate and respectful of the commemorative tone of the piece.
mosaic materials
misc tiles


front office
Tiles and collection bins are available:
  • in and outside the CRHS library
  • at the art rooms in all five schools
  • in the CRHS front office
  • at a floating display in the CRHS halls


mosaic tiles
We hope to begin installation at the end of May


  • At CRHS we'll be rolling this out through the English and Art classes.
  • At the other schools, the art teachers will take point.
  • Remote students are encouraged to participate as well:
    • Pick up some tiles from the front office.
    • Email Ms. McCarthy or Mr. Bothamley; we'll prepare a packet of tiles and leave it for you in the front vestibule.
    • Make your own 2x2" paper squares